Willcom D4 (Sharp WS016SH) Review & Specification

The Willcom D4 (Sharp WS016SH) UMPC is currently the first and smallest-screened Centrino Atom device running Windows Vista in the world. Held between two hands, the D4 is a slider UMPC to entertain those waiting in line, lounging on the sofa, or commuting to work. Its rounded all-black casing, accented with silver trim and glowing red controls, is eye-catching and undeniably attractive. It costs $1270. best japan cams

Display and Design:

Overall, the D4 is a beautiful machine, the latest generation to date with a flexible slide QWERTY keyboard system. It’s fluid and robust, easy to handle with just one hand, with a very solid screen hinge system that when straightened resembles that of a classic portable and offers a multitude of configurations for various uses. It includes 1024×600 TFT touchscreen all in a compact size of 84x188x25.9mm and weighing 470g. The screen looks great with a good resolution, even when viewed outdoors. Colors are nicely saturated and accurate; viewing angles are equally good, with that “negative effect” occurring only when looking at the screen from the bottom The touchscreen responds very well with the stylus, and remains accurate when manipulated with your fingers. The D4 also features a directional pad. The D4 becomes a miniature notebook for sending email at coffee shops and editing documents at work. Its smooth, streamlined body and sturdy build give it a look of sophistication and professionalism.

Performance and Controls:

In order to use Vista, a powerful system is required, and it is clearly inadequate for running a mini-portable type UMPC. The Willcom D4 run Windows Home Premium on a 1.33GHz Intel Atom Z520 CPU (SCH US15W “Poulsbo” chipset), the D4 on just 1GB of RAM and cam be upgraded. The Willcom D4’s main controls are located on either side of its display. When touched, a pattern of dots on the mouse buttons (left) and touch pad (right) light up red. This glowing effect never fails to impress first-time users of the D4, as it makes the unit seem incredibly stylish and even a bit futuristic. The mouse buttons are stacked on top of each other and correspond to the left and right buttons on a standard computer mouse. They’re very responsive and easy to press. The buttons have a nice spring or bounce to them as well, so tactile feedback is excellent. At the top of the D4 are a telescoping antenna (for use with the Japan-only 1Seg TV tuner), camera button, screen rotation button, power button, and non-standard headset port. Beneath the antenna is the stylus slot.

Battery and specifications:

Its battery power is very low. Sharp/Willcom has always been upfront about the standard battery’s “up to 1.5 hours” operating time. But if you want Willcom D4 as your next UMPC, then you have to get the 2880mAh extended battery (CE-BL58) too. 2 MP camera, 1GB DDR2 SDRAM RAM, 40GB HDD (1.8″ Toshiba MK4009GAL, 4200 rpm) storage and MicroSD card slot are some features. Moreover, it includes the connectivity of mini-USB, Bluetooth 2.0, Wi-Fi and 1Seg TV tuner & phone functions (work in Japan only).

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