22,000 New Jobs Just This Year – Walmart Rocks! Asda Walmartone Wire UK Login

You may not think of Walmart as a big player in the economy but when a company announces that they are creating 22,000 new jobs in a year, you have to take notice. Walmart made that announcement just recently and when you consider that unemployment is approaching 10%, the housing market is in the tank, the stock market is at best stagnant, that’s huge news. walmartone wire

Look, we know that most people that work at Walmart are never going to be millionaires but that is hardly the demographic of the person that works at the retail giant. Jobs at Walmart help the middle class… the working man… the single mom.

Most jobs at Walmart are in their retail stores and we all know that retail does not pay in such a way that you can buy a brand new Mercedes every other year. They do offer solid employment, a decent benefit package and a paycheck every other Friday.

If you are looking for that six figure job, consider getting a four year degree and then study for your masters and you have a possibility of getting to the top tier in the income brackets. If you want to eat three meals a day, know that your mortgage or rent is paid and that your electricity won’t be turned off, then consider filling out a job application for Walmart or other retailer that is strong in this rough economy.

Walmart jobs are always going to be there, the hours will always be available and even if all you have is a high school education there is room and opportunity for advancement.

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